Rapiscan Eagle: Rail Gantry G45

High-energy, automated 4.5 MW X-ray imaging system for inspecting dense loads

Automated Scanning with a Porthole-shaped Scanner.
Dense Load Inspection with 4.5 MW Image Generation.
Find Contraband with Separation of Materials.
Running on rails, the Eagle G45 system provides an automated dense load scan.

4.5 MV X-ray Imaging System – The 4.5 MV X-ray imaging system of the Eagle G45 system easily penetrates dense loading, which would otherwise have to be manually inspected.

Multiple Scanner Modes – Standard scanner passing through the gantry or optional scanner by passing the gantry through the load. Inspect the driver’s cab occupied with Rapiscan’s CabScan ™ technology.

With the best generation of images of its kind, with standard features and advanced options, the Rapiscan Eagle G45 system offers an automatic system for reliable automated inspection.