'Double Vision' SeriesX-rays

Rapiscan 627DV

The Rapiscan model 627DV is an advanced inspection solution, designed for the aviation environment and other high security applications. It has a tunnel of dimensions 1000 mm wide by 1000 mm and uses double vision technology to generate a horizontal and vertical image of the object that is being inspected. Thanks to this double vision, the Rapiscan model 627DV provides a more complete perspective of the scanned objects, according to their orientation in the X-ray equipment. This reduces the need to replace and re-scan the packages, in addition to a improvement in detection and performance.

Like all systems of the 600 series of inspection equipment, the Rapiscan model 627DV is built on a standard platform that makes installation and maintenance easier, and as features we highlight its dual energy detection, ergonomic and aerodynamic design, and the software characteristic of the Rapiscan 600 series.