600 SeriesX-rays

Rapiscan 622XR

RESOLUTION: Of 40 AWG, Test ASTM F-792: 5 Cables 10 steps, Cable of 30 AWG visible behind 30 mm of aluminum.

PENETRATION: 27 mm – 29 mm (35 mm guaranteed with high penetration generator option, R-620 active), WATER: 43 cm.

COMPUTER / CPU: Intel PENTIUM IV. V. 2004, 512MB Ram, Disk: 50 Gb, Digitizer: 128 Bits.
MONITOR: Color 17 “SVGA high resolution. anti-flicker. Resolution: 1152 x 864 Pixels x 24 Bit / Pixel. The color will be interchangeable simultaneously with B.N. High cooling Anti-flicker. Backward movement of the last images displayed.

ARRAY LINE: It is equipped with 1,280 diodes at 1.5 mm separation with dual energy system sealed and covered with mold for waterproofing the electronics and eliminating noise in order to obtain images without interference and scintillator crystals for maximum efficiency and maximum penetration. And oriented diagonally.

THREAT ALARM: The equipment will emit an alarm if there is any zone not penetrable by the X-Rays.

COUNTER: It will show the amount of luggage inspected, date and time.

AUTHORIZED OPERATOR: It will allow registration of the operator’s personal identification in the control panel.