Access controlMetal detectors - Metor series


METORNET 3 is a state-of-the-art security remote control system. It allows the control and adjustment of all the parameters of metal detectors of METOR arcs from a single computer.

The system informs the user of any deviation that may occur from the settings stored in the PC. If changes occur, a written message will appear to the operator.

METORNET compiles the statistics of the metal detectors of the arcs of passage with alarm counters and passengers. Statistics can be summarized and printed in easy-to-read reports.

METORNET 3 offers easy operation of one or several doors through a single PC, for example in the following applications:

Airports: Passenger inspection.
Prisons Inspection of personnel and visits.
Amusement parks.
Government buildings.
Financial institutions.
Special events.
Distribution centers.