Access controlMetal detectors - Metor series

Metor 6WP

Lightweight metal detector and easy transport.


Assembly / disassembly in five minutes, without tools.

Completely waterproof It complies with the IP 65 standard.


The Metor 6WP is versatile, an innovative metal detector that combines advanced metal detection technology with an attractive and practical design. The Metor 6WP is an excellent choice for temporary installations, depending on the type of application.



Due to the increased discrimination characteristics, the Metor 6WP is well suited for secure scans of large groups of people at once and quickly. To help security personnel locate threatening objects accurately, the Metor 6WP is equipped with two zone displays.



The Metor 6WP combines high precision operation with a compact and durable mechanism as well as a stylized image that adapts even to environments where a certain architecture is required. An IP65 protection makes the Metor 6WP ideal for outdoor use.



The mechanical parts of the Metor 6WP are specially designed to withstand multiple installations in various locations. The unit is easy to install and can be assembled by one person in five minutes. Due to its compact structure and light weight design, the Metor 6WP can be easily transported from one place to another without the need for tools for assembly or disassembly. As an extraordinary advantage for temporary applications, the unit can be transported while fully assembled. The Metor 6WP comes with the proper packaging and stabilizers.

The Metor 6WP has a user interface with a menu that allows quick and easy programming. The user can calibrate the unit using pre-assigned detection programs and automatic frequency, which perform sensitivity or operation adjustments with a predefined calibration that is stored in the unit’s memory.

As a safe feature, the Metor 6WP incorporates a calibration system that monitors parameter settings. Additionally, the cables and connectors of the unit are isolated in the control unit. The Metor 6WP is equipped with an energy protection that produces an alarm when the unit loses voltage (for example if the power cable is disconnected, etc.).



Battery Backup System: Up to 8 hours in operation when there is no power supply. Bidirectional remote control unit that allows easy programming and copies the parameters from one unit to the other. This control unit, unique in the case of the Metor, allows programming of several detectors easily and quickly. The operation of the control unit is secure, with keys and algorithms with encryption codes to prevent unauthorized access.

Indicator lights: The Metor 6WP can be equipped with indicator lights in the control unit to optimize traffic flow and increase performance.

Control unit that complies with ADA regulations: 81.28 cm control units are available to comply with the ADA regulations for the accessibility of wheelchairs.

Test pieces: For the help of your MetorNet 3 Pro calibration: A remote security system that collects statistics of traffic flow and alarm data of up to 255 Metor metal detectors and generates easy-to-read reports. It allows to detect the levels of security and that they are changed from a central PC.



Safety standards: The Metor 6WP complies with the limits established by international standards for human health. It is safe for pacemaker carriers, pregnant women and magnetic recording materials.

CE Marking: Conforms to applicable international standards for electrical safety and EMC.

Other standards: STAC Certificate.