Access controlMetal detectors - Metor series

Metor 6E

Superior immunity

Metor 6E is a Metal Detector Arc at the highest level of development, for the most demanding profile of safety control applications. The device has been developed using the latest technology to meet the strictest requirements set by the international civil aviation authorities.

The Metor 6E uses a single multi-channel technology combined with a powerful processing capacity, this allows the rapid collection of information from multiple metal items that pass through the arc simultaneously and the precise threat resolution based on the characteristics of the articles.

The Metor 6E metal detector arc has the ability to inspect more than 50 people per minute only influenced by the individual concept of operations.

It has an integrated system of location of the 2-dimensional screen on the output side of the panels. The display indicates the location of the detected metal object (s) indicating the left, right or center position and the height where the article (s) passes through the metal detector. The screen has 20 vertical segments and 3 horizontal segments giving rise to a total resolution of 60 segment locations within the opening of the unit.



Battery: Up to 8 hours of operating time when there is no power.
Remote control unit: A bidirectional remote control unit allows easy programming such as copying the parameters from one unit to another. This control unit, unique only in the Metor range of metal detector arcs, allows the programming of several units quickly and easily. The operation of the control unit is safe thanks to the passwords and an algorithmic encryption code, to prevent unauthorized access.
MetorNet Pro Web: Remote Management System that collects traffic flow and alarm statistics for a total of up to 250 Metor arcs and generates easy-to-interpret reports.
Traffic lights: To direct the traffic flow of people crossing the arch.


The Metor 6S complies with the limits established by international standards for human health. It is safe for pacemaker carriers, pregnant women and magnetic recording materials.
CE Marking: Conforms to applicable international standards for electrical safety and EMC.