Trace detectors: explosives and narcotics

Itemiser 4DX

Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous detection in dual mode, the Itemiser® 4DX can detect a wide range of explosive and narcotic threats from the current market, without the use of a radioactive source, thus eliminating the need for annual strip tests and licenses while reducing the inconvenience of transport. The portable and ergonomic desk unit features automated internal calibration to help reduce the cost of consumables, optimize equipment operation and increase detection accuracy.


Detects and simultaneously identifies explosives and narcotics from a single sample in approximately eight seconds
Non-radioactive ion source that eliminates transport restrictions and licensing requirements
Automated internal calibration eliminates the need for calibration tests required for manual calibration
Greater utility, greater operational precision and detection
Remote monitoring capability through Remote Connection
Programmable and automated maintenance at the push of a button
Regenerative dryer, a patented innovation that reduces maintenance downtime and consumption costs, eliminating the need to replace the drying material.