Frequency inhibitorsInhibitor for X-ray equipment

FJS + Máquina de rayos X

More security with FJS
The content of certain objects seized from terrorist groups in some countries can be detonated remotely by means of an RF-GSM-UMTS signal. The FJS system locks the perimeter around and inside the X-ray machine to prevent remote detonations after an explosive has been identified.

With the FJS, the X-ray machine and its surroundings are protected against the detonation of an explosive by radiofrequency or mobile telephony. The FJS includes a processor and an Intel Pentium amplifier integrated and synchronized with the Intel® Pentium® system inside the equipment. The processor cards, very sensitive to RF emission, are not damaged.

General characteristics
The FJS for RF has a barrier of 10-1000 MHz, considering reinforcement of frequency peaks in specific spectra.

The FJS for GSM also neutralizes the GSM, GPRS and UMTS bands of 900-1800-2400 MHz.

The FJS system includes a PC interface for configuring and modifying the amplification or feeding of the bands.