Trace detectors: explosives and narcotics


The EntryScan 4, a “portal” of high performance and high sensitivity, can detect a wide range of explosives in a matter of seconds. Using patented technology, the portal can identify the most challenging substances through the detection and analysis of microscopic traces. The installation of this compact and redesigned model is possible in installations that have 2.5 m high ceilings without sacrificing traffic areas.

Designed specifically to drastically reduce maintenance time, the portal has a quick access panel that leaves the main components of the system at your fingertips. The improved collection of samples guarantees a total body scan that includes the head and shoes.

Automatic traffic control is equipped with an exit gate and audio / visual motion signals that help optimize traffic and reduce operating costs. Accuracy, speed, remote monitoring and ease of movement make this portal an essential part of the client’s security solution at any point of review.