Radiation detectorSpecial equipment

Detector de radiación Rapiscan TSA PRM 270

Auditory and visual alarm for portal monitors.

Easy integration in current systems.

Programmable controller.

Cash in costs.


The TSA AM270 is a remote alarm monitor that is used with vehicle and pedestrian portal radiation detection monitors. AM270 provides both audible and visual alarm indications for radiation alarms, low and high conditional alarms, and tampering.

Parallel relay outputs are provided to allow interconnection with the existing alarm system.

AM270 can be located up to 650 feet (200 m) from the farthest pillar to monitor.

A test button is provided to check the operation of the lamp (s) and audio circuits. A registered button mutes the audio and clears the
lamps). Sinose recognizes the alarm, the lamp (s) will follow the state of the system.

AM270 operates from an internal battery that is continuously recharged from the AC line. If AC power is lost, the battery will provide
More than 24 hours of continuous operation.

AM270 will supervise two systems or two SC770 controllers.

AM270 is controlled by a programmable logic device. This allows the flexibility to provide the customized operation for each application.