Proselec Seguridad
Servicios especiales

Special services

The voice, data and Internet telephony have experienced a great expansion in recent years, which has led to a large growth in the number of businesses with presence in these media.

With the amount of electronic communications that are produced and the data traffic that is generated, the risk of leaking user information increases. This requires that these data require special care in their treatment.

PROSELEC SEGURIDAD, S.A. is a company with more than 50 years in the security sector (1,963). We specialize in the detection and analysis of threats to electronic and computer security in both public and private entities, in Spain or in other countries.

Any cyber attack to obtain information through the telephone, the environment, information systems or communications is detected, neutralized and, in many cases, located at its source.

The quality of our equipment, products and professionals, classified by the Ministry of Defense, distinguishes us and accredits us in a vanguard position in our sector. We work with the best partners in each area, approaching, jointly, each service.

A high range of systems certified by Organizations and Security Agencies guarantee our methodology, capable of offering the best analysis and auditing service of electronic compatibility, systems and communications. The training and experience of our engineers and specialists, highly qualified, and the renewed knowledge of all the products, guarantee our ability to perform any service related to safety.

The staff that carries out the work and subsequent reports carry out their activity under criteria of absolute reserve, in accordance with the rules that govern the strategic control of communications, ensuring our clients a level of confidentiality that guarantees the desired discretion.

The detection and analysis equipment and products of PROSELEC SEGURIDAD, S.A. They are constantly updated to meet new threats that may arise. This practice guarantees that we are prepared at all times and perfectly trained to move at all known levels of threat, as well as trained and updated in the continuous technological advances with respect to the whole new scenario in cybersecurity that threatens unprotected users.