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Reconocimiento facial 3D

The Broadway 3D system is the first mechanism in the world capable of visually identifying a person as easily as humans identify with each other. The identification lasts a moment. Passing in front of him and simply looking at the mechanism, he himself will “remember” and recognize the identity of one of the tens of thousands of people previously registered. Unlike other biometric systems, the Broadway 3D system does not need direct physical contact or an exact position in front of the identification mechanism. The Broadway 3D system identifies people who pass, even running, regardless of their age or height.

Similar to humans, the mechanism incorporates a 3D vision system that “remembers” the only three-dimensional shape of the face. However, unlike human vision, it is capable of differentiating variable geometry with a precision of up to fractions of millimeters, allowing identical twins to be distinguished and making the Broadway 3D system one of the most precise biometric mechanisms.