Rapiscan Eagle: Trailer Series T10

Rapid deployment anywhere thanks to its trailer-mounted scanner.

Inspect vehicles and cargo thanks to its 1 MV X-ray image.

High performance scanning through the system when going under the portal.

The T10 is the example of Rapiscan as a high-quality X-ray image system mounted on a trailer for mobility, quickly deployable for cargo inspection and vehicle inspection.


Easily deployable: The Eagle T10 is built on a trailer available in commercial and military configurations

1MV X-ray imaging system: The Eagle T10 scans the moderate density load in a small operating area.

High performance scanning: The Eagle T10 scans cargo through the portal for high scanning performance.

The Rapiscan Eagle T10 offers superior image, standard features and advanced options that make the mobile system more flexible, easy to use in its category.



Easily deployable trailer mounted system.
All capacities on board.
Operator outside the team.
Step portal scanning mode.
1MV X-ray image system.
X-ray image quality leader in its category.
Rapiscan Cargo operator software.
It complies with all the regulations related to radiation safety.
Easy to maintain



Operator assistance tools.
Automatic capture of identification number.
Detection of radiation.
Operation on land.
Extended operating environment.
Military configuration.



Defense and Armed Forces.
Critical infrastructure
High security installations.


Rapid deployment of an inspection station anywhere thanks to the mobile scanners mounted on trailer of the T Eagle series of Rapiscan.

Without specifying an area, buildings or other infrastructure, Rapiscan’s Eagle T series of mobile scanners to inspect cargo and vehicles provide operational flexibility. And with everything necessary to carry out an on-board inspection, the T-series unit is towed to the inspection area on local roads and in just 30 minutes is ready to start inspecting. Thanks to this rapid deployment, the security inspection station can move anywhere.

Like the Rapiscan Eagle X-ray imaging system, it reveals contraband and threats while other technologies are not capable.

Unlike other technologies, the high-energy X-ray of the Rapiscan Eagle line provides comprehensive scanning even in those materials that function as shield, liquid, density and densely packed cargo to reveal hidden threats and contraband.

Superior quality, standard features and flexible options, included in all Eagle Rapiscan and vehicle inspection systems.

Using common modular design elements on a high quality platform, Rapiscan equips Eagle products with the best image quality in products of its category and easy-to-use operator controls so that each system is ready for any application, from customs and ports to military checkpoints. Eagle systems can be improved with options such as material separation and container code recognition technology. If the operational functions need a change, an Eagle unit can be adapted to any environment. These design concepts are reflected in the entire range of Rapiscan cargo products and vehicle inspection products, including mobile configurations, portal, gantry and mixed configurations. Our commitment to value and innovate makes the Rapiscan Eagle product line the first choice in cargo and vehicle inspection solutions.

Rapiscan Systems is a global leader in high quality inspection solutions and advanced threat identification techniques. Security is our only objective, and we focus on the development of security solutions prepared for the future and high profitability. All Rapiscan products are backed by ongoing training, maintenance and organization in the service.


Rapiscan is a company certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 standard as well as its products that meet the rigorous certifications including:

Rapiscan products have also been certified by the US Department of Counterterrorism Support Homeland Security that promotes Effective Technologies (HEALTH) under the 2002 Act, which provides significant benefits to organizations that provide security technology.