600 SeriesX-rays

Rapiscan 638XR

Approved by the Ministry of Industry with the number NHM-X0127.

French STAC certificate.

UK DFT STP compliance.

Qualified for air cargo by TSA.

TIP Software compliance by the EU.

TIP software approved by DFT of the United Kingdom.

Tunnel dimensions: 1837 mm wide x 1800 mm high.

The Rapiscan 638XR is an X-ray equipment for inspection of parcels with the most advanced detection, interpretation and resolution of threats by radiographic image, which makes it one of the best options in the market.

In addition, its ergonomic design and easy and intuitive handling, together with the high resolution of its images, make the Rapiscan 638XR, one of the simplest and most reliable tools for the security professional of the current market. Modular construction system of the Rapiscan 638XR and panels of easy assembly and disassembly, make it a simple conservation equipment, streamlining the daily maintenance tasks, thus lowering the costs of services.

The Rapiscan 638XR has the most advanced multi-energy discrimination technology, through two totally independent high and low energy Array lines, which guarantees total discrimination between organic and inorganic materials, including masking under high density elements, organic origin, guaranteeing the non-concealment to the operator of these materials (Explosives, Drugs, Food, etc.).