'Double Vision' SeriesX-rays

Rapiscan 628DV

The Rapiscan 628DV is an advanced inspection solution, which provides a horizontal and vertical view of the inspected object to improve performance and material discrimination. With a tunnel opening of 1000 mm wide by 1000 mm high, it has been designed for customers who need to inspect small and large cargo. Thanks to these two perpendicular views, the Rapiscan 628DV system provides a more complete perspective of the scanned objects, regardless of their orientation in the X-ray system. This reduces the need for replacement and re-scanning of the packages, as well as an improvement in detection and performance.

Like all systems in the 600 series of inspection equipment, the Rapiscan 628DV system is built on a standard platform that makes installation and maintenance easier, and incorporates features such as dual energy sensing, ergonomic and aerodynamic design, and software characteristic of the Rapiscan 600 series.