600 SeriesX-rays

Rapiscan 620XR

The Rapiscan 620 X-ray system is a high performance inspection system specially designed to provide the most advanced technology and security in places such as airports, embassies or prisons.
The system offers a tunnel opening of 620 mm (width) and 420 mm (height) that allows you to easily inspect objects of different sizes. It incorporates Intel Pentium technology in all system functions, which makes it unique in the market.

Its superior image quality and advanced functions provide the essential tools for image analysis, such as the Crystal Clear and EPX options that allow rapid detection and identification of scanned material and its composition.

The system can incorporate the function of training for the operator with more than 100 assumptions as well as the file of images in hard disk of the PC. The TIP function option allows users to train when inserting simulated alarms in the scanned objects in order to keep the operators alert at all times.