Access controlMetal detectors - Metor series

Metor 6S

Exceptional sensitivity

Superior immunity.

Meets NIJ 0601.02 regulations.


The Metor 6S high sensitivity metal detector arc is specifically designed to detect small objects made of iron as well as those made of other material such as razors, razor blades, metal handles, keys, coins, jewelry, microprocessors and memory chips. The Metor 6S improves security in prisons and cells as it efficiently detects small metal objects that can be used as weapons even when hidden in body cavities. When used in small factories or distribution companies where there are valuable objects, the Metor 6S can be used to deter employee theft.


NORMA NIJ 0601.02

The Metor 6S complies with the NIJ 0601.02 Standard, complying with the requirements and with the corrections of the Law enforcement agencies. The pre-established programs that comply with the different security levels are defined in the NIJ standard and are given in the Metor 6S.



Reliable threat detection
It provides a uniform detection.
Reliable location of threats.



The latest features in advanced security are found in the Metor 6S. Protection of its calibration, energy and list of states of violation of any unwanted modification carried out in the parameters of the machine. Fully configurable user levels that allow unprecedented control over who can view and make adjustments and configuration changes in the Metor 6S.



The automatic sensitivity and its functions make the calibration process very simple, eliminating the method of error and the effort of a long time in training.

The automatic frequency function selects the optimum operating frequency for the installation in a certain environment or in the case that it is used next to one or more units.

The Pre-established Detection Programs: The Metor 6S is delivered with multiple detection programs already established for different levels of NIJ 0601.02, such as the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic devices and devices made of mixed alloys, ready to be used in a immediate



The Metor 6S has a random alarm function that allows security personnel to randomly choose people for an additional security inspection.

With the new dual random alarm feature, people causing a normal alarm are also subject to a random alarm.



The Metor 6S is built with intelligent and virtually invisible traffic counters that are integrated into the panels.

The counters are bidirectional with decreased mode. Alarms, passengers and alarm ratios can be fully counted.



With its immunity to electromagnetic and vibratory interference, the Metor 6S is easy to install in most environments. A large number of units can be placed very close to each other, thus increasing the level of flexibility when the installation plan is being developed somewhere.



Battery: Up to 8 hours of operating time when there is no power.

Remote control unit: A bidirectional remote control unit allows easy programming such as copying the parameters from one unit to another. This control unit, unique only in the Metor range of metal detector arcs, allows the programming of several units quickly and easily. The operation of the control unit is safe thanks to the passwords and an algorithmic encryption code, to prevent unauthorized access.

MetorNet Pro Web: Remote Management System that collects traffic flow and alarm statistics for a total of up to 250 Metor arcs and generates easy-to-interpret reports.

Traffic lights: To direct the traffic flow of people crossing the arch.



The Metor 6S complies with the limits established by international standards for human health. It is safe for pacemaker carriers, pregnant women and magnetic recording materials.

CE Marking: Conforms to applicable international standards for electrical safety and EMC.

The Metor 6S complies with NIJ 0601.02 regulations, complying with the requirements and with the corrections of the law enforcement agencies.