Access controlMetal detectors - Metor series

Metor 28

Unique design.

Robust construction

Detects all types of metals.

Very light.



The Manual Metor 28 Metal Detector is an important part of the process and inspection of people in access control. With the Metor 28 a unit has been designed that brings great benefits to the security personnel as well as to the person who is going to be scanned. The design of the Metor 28 allows an inspection of the person without the need for physical contact.



The circular opening helps detect metal objects.
Comfortable handle for a comfortable and easy grip.
Light weight of only 260 grams including battery.
Wrist strap.



Detects all kinds of metal objects, both those that are made of iron and those that are not.



Three adjustable sensitivity levels selectable by means of a switch:

Level 1: small guns and knives.
Level 2: razor blades, keys.
Level 3: Bullets and small metal sheets.



Button in three positions: ON (on) / OFF (off) / Momentary (pause)



Rechargeable NiMH battery or 9V battery. Low battery indicator both sound and visual.



Audible and visual alarm indications. Optional headset.



With its immunity to electromagnetic and vibratory interference, the Metor 6S is easy to install in most environments. A large number of units can be placed very close to each other, thus increasing the level of flexibility when the installation plan is being developed somewhere.



The Metor 28 is safe for people with pacemakers and does not affect other magnetic recording devices. The magnetic field of Metor 28 complies with all the regulations related to international health and safety. It has CE Marking.