Access controlLow car inspection


The configuration of the equipment is based on a small aluminum palastro plastic bump, located in front of the entrance to the parking lot, which will detect the passage of a vehicle the magnetic attachment in the chassis of the same, usual circumstance of traps pumps for vehicles that will be exploded via radio, timer or other means, inside the parking lot.

The integrated detection system called MDS, has been designed for the automatic inspection of vehicle chassis at entrances to official or private premises without requiring a person, who through the obsolete mirror system, check in a very relative way the chassis of the vehicles with the consequent losses of time that in addition have an impact on a hasty inspection that in peak hours translates into a very low effectiveness.

The “MDS” incorporates a frequency INHIBITOR, which is activated when the system detects a static magnetic field, thereby avoiding any signal commanded via radio, aimed at exploding the vehicle once inside the enclosure.