Access controlLicense plate reader

License plate reader

PROSCAV (Vehicle Access Control System) is a solution that responds to the need to monitor vehicles that enter or leave a private area or circulate through it. It provides a modern, agile and effective access control:

Detects the presence of a vehicle.
Read your license plate.
Treats the content of the registration.
It supplies and generates information.
Make decisions in real time.
The automatic recognition of license plates is based on the LAM (Automatic License Plate Reader), technology that allows reading, extracting and deciphering license plates of vehicles in motion or standing, in real time and ensuring maximum reliability.

This data is compared with the information included in the database, and depending on the result, the actions previously defined in the system will be executed.

The PROSCAV works in real time, which allows to increase the level of security at the same time that the circulation of vehicles is accelerated.