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LAGs inspection equipment

Approved by CEAC under the highest operating standard, Type B Standard 3, the Kromek detector is a consistent, reliable and cost-effective system for scanning liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in all types of packaging that may be presented in airports and main control centers.

The Kromek detector is specially configured to identify the presence of dangerous liquids (explosives, precursors and components), aerosols and gels in sealed packages between 89 and 200 ml. The threats are analyzed through a specific database for the client, secure, which can be easily expanded as new threats appear.


Scan ALL the packages, TYPES and ALL FORMS.
Approved with standard 3, type B of CEAC.
Simple operation with a single button.
10 seconds of scan time.
Simple result: PASS / NOT PASS.
Low level of alarms.
Scan partially filled containers.
Easy to assemble, easy to use.
Configurable in network.
Quick training for coaches.
High reliability


The system was developed to meet the specific challenges of the aviation security market and ports of entry and exit to identify the presence of hazardous materials within packaging. The detector can also be used in installations where specific threats may be present, in buildings, perimeters and events.