ISO 45001 Policy


The General Directorate of PROSELEC, aware of the new rules of competition in the Community field in order to ensure and progressively improve the quality of all our systems and equipment, wishes to inform our distinguished clients that it will be our essential objective to work at the level that marks the international standard UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, and ensure that our products comply with the legal, regulatory and specifications of the client that in each case affect them according to the following protocol-decalogue of rigorous compliance.

• Our clients are the source of work that allows us to support our families. Thanks to the deference of our customers, we can renew and recycle while maintaining the levels of research, development and quality in continuous technological evolution.

• When a customer expresses their repair to a product, finish or service, there begins a new opportunity that highlights the ability of understanding and effectiveness of our employees to accommodate any suggestion for the sake of always, to increase the degree of satisfaction of our customers .

• Our employees have learned not to say “NO”. A friendly smile, a gesture of interest, a show of reflection …, and behind it, the immediate effort to satisfy the most stringent demands positions us where the client allows us.

• At PROSELEC, we are all one more, at the service of the client to improve the quality policy. We all have the obligation to constantly think about improvements that benefit the offer of the product and occurrences that provide differential characteristics with our competitors.

• When we investigate new developments, we do so with the illusion of offering the client a breakthrough that will help them solve their concerns and, in many cases, anticipate them, looking for that gesture of recognition that stimulates us and drives us to continue thinking.

• We know and are aware that times change and years of abundance and consumption can reverse economies and slow growth by creating difficult times for companies and their employees. For this reason, we maintain a humble, helpful and creative attitude so that when the time comes, we can continue to offer economic solutions while maintaining the same quality policy while continuing to investigate.

• Quality management is the priority objective of all personnel integrated in PROSELEC, convinced that it will help us achieve a system of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system with semiannual parameters that require us to measure, evaluate and achieve the intended objectives.

• The PROSELEC Directorate, determines with the heads of all departments, the quality policy imparted to all the Company’s personnel, ensuring strict compliance with the quality improvement program, committing the Directorate itself to provide the material resources and humans that are necessary for the reach and development of each and every one of them.

• In conclusion, from the first screw of a team to the last staple of its packaging, we enjoy following a very broad concept of quality policy that specializes and sensitizes us in favor of those who ultimately stimulate us with their kind consideration.


Our environmental policy aims to guide the commercialization, installation and maintenance of safety equipment and systems towards continuous improvements in its environmental management. Its main lines are the following:
• Develop processes and activities as established in the Management System documents, guaranteeing control of the environmental aspects derived from said activities.
• Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in all activities carried out.
• Prevent pollution by minimizing the environmental impacts of our activities: reducing the amount of waste, speeding up its management, reusing materials, and also optimizing the consumption of raw materials, water and electricity.
• Incorporate clean technologies into our activities, and whenever possible, carry out environmentally friendly practices.
• Carry out good follow-up of communications between the different stakeholders in the good development of environmental management, both external and internal.
To make this Policy effective and achieve continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System implemented in our company, PROSELEC has the active participation of all staff, and to achieve this it will not hesitate to contribute with all the means at its disposal to the training and awareness, both environmentally and in terms of quality, of all its employees. Likewise, PROSELEC makes this policy available to its customers or interested parties, as evidence of its commitment to protect and improve the Environment.



The General Directorate of PROSELEC SECURITY has as its main objective to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of the health of all our workers and personnel working for us.


We are aware that the strength of our company lies in our staff, being the main asset of our organization, which is why it is a priority for PROSELEC SAFETY to comply with the legal requirements that apply to us in Occupational Health and Safety.


In our goal of not having accidents at work, we direct all our efforts to eliminate hazards and reduce as much as possible the risks to which our workers may be exposed, as well as users of our equipment, committing the Management itself to provide the resources materials and humans that are necessary.


To make this Policy effective and achieve continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System implemented in our company from the Directorate of PROSELEC SECURITY, all mechanisms for their participation in our management system are made available to our workers, consulting them with any action that can have a significant impact on their health