Inauguration of the new container scanner at the port of Barcelona


The Port Authority of Barcelona has inaugurated the container scanner supplied by the company Proselec Seguridad with the latest non-intrusive inspection technologies, which has involved an investment of two million euros.

Quick and efficient, it allows streamlining export and import operations. Its implementation shows the commitment of the port and the Barcelona Customs with its port community, since it offers more reliability and quality in scanning, improving service to transport companies, operators and terminals.


The Rapiscan Eagle M60 offers best-in-class imaging, standard features, and advanced options that create a cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use mobile system.

6MV X-ray Imaging System: The most powerful X-ray inspection system available on the market. The Eagle M60 imaging system easily penetrates the density of the load and thus avoids having to be inspected manually.

Material separation option: Helps the inspector find low density of contraband, such as explosives and narcotics. These low-density materials appear differentiated in the X-ray image from the higher-density materials, such as steel. Material separation requires a dual energy 6 MV X-ray generator available on the Rapiscan Eagle M60.

Large Object Scan Option: Capable of scanning objects up to 5m high thanks to the larger inspection tunnel option of Eagle scanners.


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