Frequency inhibitorsInhibitor for prisons

Frequency inhibitors for prisons

Avoiding the use of mobile phones and communication mechanisms in prisons is an important part of security and crime prevention.

Proselec supplies, installs and maintains the Prison Inhibitor, a comprehensive system for monitoring and inhibiting communication mechanisms.

The Prison Inhibitor can be installed easily and is safe. By operating over several frequency bands, you can disable mobile phones, satellite phones, WiFi and other communication mechanisms.

Next to the mobile phone recording system, it can inhibit a prison or building but, at the same time, it can allow certain mobiles to work normally.

The Proselec Prison Inhibitor System is appropriate for prisons or security buildings to provide protection against the unauthorized use of mobile phones and other communication mechanisms.

The inhibitors can be installed on the wall or can be independent with a universal power supply.

A wide range of effective antennas will be supplied with the system to ensure that the maximum possible energy is transmitted to the required area. These antennas have been designed and manufactured by Proselec and can be supplied or installed as part of an immediate solution. An optional battery can also be offered that provides one hour of operation, disconnected from the power supply. A wide selection of frequency bands are available, depending on the country and the local operator. Each inhibitor is completely controlled remotely by the CCI control software application. An activity log of all the events will be stored in the central control computer for analysis.

The Proselec Prison Inhibitor system is designed for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in hostile environments. Its maintenance is done virtually and can be handled by non-technical personnel.