Environmental policy

SGS-ISO 14001


Our environmental policy aims to guide the marketing, installation and maintenance of equipment and security systems towards continuous improvements in environmental management. Its main lines are the following:

Develop processes and activities as established in the Management System documents, guaranteeing control of the environmental aspects derived from said activities.
Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in all activities carried out.
Prevent pollution by minimizing the environmental impacts of our activities: reducing the amount of waste, streamlining its management, reusing materials, and also optimizing the consumption of raw materials, water and electricity.
Incorporate clean technologies into our activities, and whenever possible, carry out practices that respect the environment.
To carry out a good follow-up of the communications between the different interested parties in the good development of environmental management, both external and internal.
To make this Policy effective and achieve the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System implemented in our company, PROSELEC has the active participation of all the staff, and to achieve this, it will not hesitate to contribute with all the means at its disposal to the training. and awareness, both in the environmental and in the quality level, of all its employees. Likewise, PROSELEC makes this policy available to its clients or interested parties, as evidence of its commitment to protect and improve the Environment.