Proselec Seguridad

Cyber ​​attacks, in recent years, are the great enemy of any organization, company or entity that, subject to information technology, is vulnerable to the multiple methods of theft, extortion or blackmail that hackers constantly develop, increasingly and better. The only way to prevent these cybercriminals from succeeding is to use the tools that currently, in constant evolution, prove useful, establishing a perimeter of protection. Proselec has focused on three areas that, to our knowledge, cover 95% of the exposure of any entity to a possible attack:
Keeping an exhaustive control of our systems, through our tool of monitoring 24 × 7, vulnerability management and audit (no need agents installed)

Securing email through the most advanced filtering and sandboxing system in the market (it does not need agents either), and

Through our DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tool that prevents leakage of sensitive information and controls any unauthorized data transfer, in any format. It is not dependent on any other software and is integrated into any system.

Added to this, Proselec we make available to our customers the audit service for mobile devices, analyzing in depth the hardware and software of each element, thus avoiding possible communications interceptions.