Cybersecurity of companies in the future


Today we show you an infographic with 10 predictions that Earl Perkins, vice president of research at Gartner, has made to improve cybersecurity of companies in the future:


1.- The need to prevent data breaches from public clouds will lead to 20% of companies developing government data security programs.

2.- Companies that prefer mobile native containment instead of third-party options will increase from 20 to 60%. According to Perkins, companies that currently have medium security needs should consider gradually moving to native containment.

3- Until 2018, more than 50% of the Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers will not be able to deal with threats in weak authentication methods. Many devices are created without regard to safety and this is a risk.


4.- 40% of the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) implementations will replace the identity and access management (IAM) implementations installed in the companies, compared to the current 10%. This fact will be due to the difficulty and the cost of the IAM infrastructure.

5.- The use of passwords and tokens (additional security devices for internet transactions) in cases of medium risk will be reduced by 55% due to the introduction of recognition technologies.


6.- Until 2020, 99% of the exploited vulnerabilities will continue to be those that ICT and security professionals have already known for at least 1 year. Companies should pay attention to the vulnerabilities they currently have to avoid being the focus of attack in the future.

7.- A third of the successful attacks experienced by companies will be due to shadow ICT resources. These are the ICT resources used within a company without the approval or consent of the ICT department.

8.- 40% of companies dedicated to DevOps will protect their applications by adopting security measures such as self-test, self-diagnosis and self-protection technologies.

9.- 80% of new contracts based on Security Agents for Cloud Access (or CASB: Cloud Access Security Broker), will be packaged with network firewalls, secure gateways and WAF platforms to protect applications Web.

10.- More than 25% of the identified attacks carried out on companies will involve the IoT. According to Perkins, security and ICT professionals must reserve between 5% and 10% of their spending for surveillance and protection of IoT devices.