Proselec Seguridad

The drones have experienced a huge growth in the market, both in the recreational area, such as toys and recreational-sporting elements, as well as in the professional area of ​​health, safety, rescue, engineering, etc.

However, some claim to use them for illegal purposes and even for terrorism, as tools of espionage, tracking, filming or carrying drugs, weapons or explosives.

Proselec Security has developed a specific area of ​​Antidrug technology to locate and prevent these devices, majeados for illicit purposes, to achieve their objectives through the location, inhibition and even forcing their landing in the place to be determined.

The systems that Proselec Seguridad uses for it are adapted to each context, adapting different technologies, powers and capacities according to each need.

In Proselec Security we are at your disposal to carry out the necessary tests and demonstrations of our antidrive products.