Al Qaeda aims for a global Internet blockade with attacks on companies in the sector

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Al Qaeda Central (AQC) proposes, in the number 2 of its magazine “One Magazine, that computer systems and large companies in the sector are attacked, which are located in the United States, to damage the world economy and thus impose the great “Caliphate”, objective of this terrorist group.

“We are facing a great opportunity. If you go to America, much more damage will be done and we can check the magnitude of the opportunities,” they say.

The band that directs Ayman Al Zawahiri remembers that, according to data that have appeared recently and that circulate through the “western media, half of the world population remains connected to the Internet through American companies”, so it is possible to provoke A general blackout or black out.

Al Qaeda continues to live from the memory of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the damage they did to the economy of that country. Therefore, they propose “to look for holes” in the US economy to “effectively weaken the enemy.” “Today there is room for the Mujahideen, hidden defenders of the religion of men … The American enemy is in no way worried and neglects its enemies; He is the first enemy of Muslims in recent decades. ”