Proselec Seguridad

Proselec quiénes somos

Welcome to Proselec, a company specializing in strategic technology for defense. For more than 40 years we have developed security systems and equipment for both governmental and private sectors. For this, we have a great human team capable of developing the most appropriate prevention and defense solutions for each case. In our R + D + i department the latest requirements of the sector are reflected.

Since its foundation, Proselec has developed a meticulous work in the field of government and civil equipment, with products oriented to a market that demands constant innovation in terms of safety.

A large part of our equipment is manufactured in Spain, where we have the most advanced technology to test, simulate and calibrate any innovation contributed by the R + D + i departments.

Being operational in the international environment, we are constantly stimulated to size the structure of the Group, developing innovative designs in manufacturing, whose technology provides us with the expansive continuity of the Company.