Access controlMillimeter wave

Millimeter Wave Portal (EasyCheck)

Ideal for detecting people who carry unauthorized objects or hidden under their clothes. Excellent help for the authorities in the fight against smuggling, arms traffickers, terrorists, etc.

EasyCheck provides an innovative solution to scan people allowing a flow without needing to stop for inspection, it is ideal for events with a large influx of people.

EasyCheck is the next generation in body scanning, designed to improve personal safety in mass transportation, public institutions, airports or other applicable sites. EasyCheck automatically detects the existence and location of illegal objects hidden in the body of an individual.

The system provides an innovative solution for scanning people who support the struggle of the authorities against terrorism, smuggling, drug trafficking and more. EasyCheck records in real time in a simple and easy way that saves time while the individual goes through a body scan without taking off their clothes or being subjected to any physical contact.


The system provides:

Detection of metallic and non-metallic objects with excellent precision and in real time.
High performance without impact on the natural flow of passengers.
Automatic detection with full protection of privacy.
Fully safe radiation and non-ionizing radiation (no radioactive source).
Possibility of facial recognition (option).
No civil works, easy installation> 2 hours



Precise detection in real time of metallic and non-metallic threats with a very low percentage of false alarms.
High performance. The scan is carried out while the individual passes through the checkpoint; the detection is made while in motion.
Advanced autodetection with full protection of privacy.
No need to undress.
Coverage of the whole body, from head to toe.
Simple and intuitive user interface.
The system uses micropotent radio waves that make it totally safe for both the operator and the person passing through the scanning device.
Portable and easy to install